The Open Platform
for Complex Payments

Open Source
Financial Ledger API

The open foundation you need to build and scale
money-movements within your app

Marketplace balances

Track funds movements between buyers and sellers

Complex financial flows

Reconcile payments between multiple providers

In-app currencies

Build better cash-flows by minting your own in-app currency

Virtual economies

Build your currency, engage players in meta-game


The programming language for money
Enough with $0.30000000004 balances. We built Numscript, a tiny language that helps you write code that moves money. Numscript is designed as a calm, walled garden that helps you build safe and readable code.

Bring your transactions. We bring everything else.




Security Logs

Accounts Statements

Compliance Reports

Numary Ledger is open-source

We are strong believers that your core business should stand on solid, open foundations.